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Asphalt mixing plant burner

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Asphalt mixing plant burners are also called asphalt equipment burning machines, asphalt industry drying heating burners, etc., asphalt mixing plants, also known as asphalt concrete mixing plants, asphalt concrete mixing plants, burners are indispensable in asphalt mixing plants It is an indispensable heating machine in the combustion furnace!
The burners in the asphalt plant can use light oil, heavy oil, natural gas and pulverized coal as fuel. We have a variety of models to choose from! We have 20 years of experience in the production of burners, and we can tailor the asphalt factory burners according to customer needs!
Asphalt mixing plant burner
The burner of BNB series asphalt mixing equipment can automatically measure and keep the real air flow in a stable state. The system cab keeps the air/gas safety range within an appropriate range, and digitally controls the combustion state. The air supply will not depend on the opening of the valve, but due to the actual airflow. When the gas pressure changes, the system can automatically adjust the valve opening to adapt, so a wide range of gas supply pressures can be allowed.
The BNB series of asphalt mixing equipment burners can easily switch between oil and natural gas. The BNB series of burners can adjust the gas flow when the air pressure fluctuates by 15%. The advantages of the burner are low requirements, low failure rate, low noise, low pollution and long life.
It also has a lower range of high adjustment scale, higher energy-saving capacity, higher safety, higher intelligence, and higher temperature control accuracy.

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Asphalt oil burners

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