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Heavy Oil Gas Dual Fuel Burners

Boiler gas burners


Oil-gas dual-purpose burner, also called dual-fuel burner, refers to a burner that uses gas or oil as fuel, and can use gas or oil combustion. The oil-gas dual-purpose combustor is also called a dual-material burner. It is a combustor that uses oil and gas as fuel. The oil-gas dual-purpose burner can be switched to use, and it can be connected to natural gas or diesel fuel to use the burner!
According to the combustion mode of the gas stove, the burner can be divided into two types: atmospheric type and premixed type.
The large-scale dual-purpose combustor for oil and gas is a combustor designed according to the partial premixed combustion method of a gas furnace. The atmospheric combustor is composed of a head and an ejector. Its working principle is: when the gas stove is working, under a certain pressure, the gas flows out from the nozzle at a certain flow rate, enters the suction and shrinking tube, and draws the surrounding air into the ejector by the energy of the gas itself, which is the primary air . The primary air and gas are mixed in the ejector, and then flow out and burn through the head fire hole. In the combustion process of a gas stove, air is drawn around the flame to assist combustion. This part of air is called secondary air.

Oil and gas dual purpose burner

Technical and Performance Characteristics:

1. Alternate methane gas/heavy oil burner.
2. Two-stage sliding/modulating working.
3. Air-gas mixing at blast-pipe and high pressure mechanical atomisation of fuel using nozzle.
4. Ability to obtain optimal combustion values by regulating combustion air and blast-pipe.
5. The hinge connection, can be opened naturally.
6. Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the mixing unit and the atomisation unit can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler.
7. Minimum and maximum air flow regulation for first and second stage by means of electric servomotor with pause closure of gate to prevent any heat dispersion to flue.
8. The servo motor which fixed with a cam can adjust the consumption for fuel and air.
9. Equipped with one flange and one insulating seal for boiler fastening.
14.Combustion air intake with air flow adjustment device.
15.Sliding boiler coupling flange to adapt to head protrusion of the various types of boilers.
16.Adjustable blast-pipe with stainless steel nozzle and deflector disk in steel.
17.Three-phase electric motor to run fan and another to run the pump.
14. UV ultraviolet phototube detects flame.
15. Electrical plant protection rating Ip40.

Product parameters:
Oil and gas dual purpose burner

Oil and gas dual-purpose burner price list (heavy oil)
Model Numbering Kilocalories
 (ten thousand)
Power kw Natural gas flow m'/h Diesel flow kg/h Adjustment method
BNGH 35 P 101 059 29 130-340 17.8-39.1 11.6-30.5 Two stages of fire
BNGH 50 P 101 060 52 200-600 23.7-53.4 17.9-53.8 Two stages of fire
BNGH 85 P 101 061 73 280-850 17-85 25.1-76. 1 Two stages of fire
BNGH 120 P 101 062 117 650-1365 24-120 58.2-122.3 Two stages of fire
BNGH 210 P 101 063 181 700-2100 40-210 62.7-188.1 Two stages of fire
BNGH 250 P 101 064 291 1130-3380 87.3-318.6 101.2-302.8 Two stages of fire
BNGH 400 FC 101 065 334 1300-3880 89-445 116.5-347.6 Proportional adjustment
BNGH 600 FC 101 066 473 1850-5500 184-552.2 165.7-492.7 Proportional adjustment

Main Parts of our Burners use International Famous BRAND:

1. SIEMENS : Program Controller, Servo Motor.
2. DUNGS : Valves Combination, Air Pressure Switch.
3. FIDA : Ignition Transformer.
4. SUNTEC : Oil Pump.
5. DANFOSS : Nozzle.
6. SUNTEC & SANLIXIN : Solenoid Valve.

Light oil and gas burners
Product advantages:

Light oil and gas burners
Product application scenarios:
Light oil and gas burners

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